2021 NFL
Draft: Washington
Redskins 3-Round
Mock Draft

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There has been a changing of the guard in Washington as the Redskins brought in a brand new coaching staff led by former Panthers head coach Ron Rivera. Riverboat Ron, or Chico as he is better known in Chicago, tends to have a very simple game plan that revolves around running the ball.

There aren’t many knowns on this offense, with unproven players like QB Dwayne Haskins, or the injury prone RB Derrius Guice. The only player who you would feel confident throwing out there at this point is WR Terry McLaurin, and even he doesn’t have a long resume showing consistency yet.

To add to the question marks for the Redskins is the departure of OT Trent Williams who, after a contract dispute, demanded a trade and was eventually granted one to the 49ers. This trade leaves a large hole on the offensive line that will need to be addressed, especially if Rivera wants to run the ball like he did in Carolina.

With so many question marks and a coach looking to rebuild this team and their culture, let’s take a look now at this 3-Round Washington Redskins Mock Draft and see if we can’t help them out. Fun Fact, there are no wrong answers in this mock draft.

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Posted: 4 months ago