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About four months ago, I had posted a big board in the Fan Post section of the site (if you do not view Fan Post articles already, I highly encourage that you check that part of the site out), and Pittzblitz56 approached me about doing a potential collaborative big board that involved the BTSC community. Without DropTheHammer’s Big Board, we thought that a collaborative big board would be a way to fill the void that his big board left. Ryland B. later approached me in the comment section of that same article, saying that he would be willing to help put the big board together and contribute analysis. We began the board ourselves, but we left it open to BTSC members who wanted to contribute as well. A couple weeks in, one of BTSC’s site moderators, SNW, said that he would gather each player’s stats and consensus ranking. Not long after, a couple more BTSC members, Itz JustNoah and Necksnation, jumped in and helped Ryland and I contribute analysis.
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