Grueling Truth

● By Samuel Teets
This is my third and final big board for the 2021 NFL Draft. In February, I released a top 60 ranking as part of my initial board. Two months bought me plenty of time to review dozens of more players, and today we’re going through a list of the top 210 prospects in the upcoming class. I apologize for not including any player analysis in these rankings. The draft is less than a week away, and I still have a final mock draft to write. You can check out my previous big boards for short reviews of each player’s strengths and weaknesses. This list doesn’t factor in positional value. Asterisks appear next to the names of players that didn’t appear on the top 100 big board. Prospects are ranked based on rounds. Sometimes there are fewer than 32 players with grades in a specific round.
The Game Day

Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 100 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but do not show up on this big board.