Stampede Blue

● By Zach Hicks
With the 2021 NFL Draft being this week, it is time for me to release my final Big Board of the draft season. It has been a long process this year but I have watched around 300 players in this draft class and feel confident enough to put final rankings on these players. With Pro Days finished, I was finally able to accumulate my grades with athletic testing to come to a final ranking. A disclaimer, again, for how I grade players; I am a strict grader who grades differently than most people. When I put “first round grade” on a player, that means I think the player can be a high level contributor immediately and has high level potential. So, when you see my grades by round in this piece, be sure to look at the parenthesis after to get the explanation for it. I usually have very few first round grades compared to most evaluators, but that doesn’t mean I wouldn’t take some of my fringe players in the first. Big Boards, for me, are all about stacking production and immediate impact so it will look weird to see only 11-12 first round grades.

Top Players Not Included

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