Purple PTSD

● By Josh Frey
With the collegiate regular season over, focus is beginning to move towards the 2022 NFL Draft. A couple weeks ago, I released my first 2022 NFL Draft big board here on PurplePTSD. That list detailed my initial top 100 players ahead of this spring’s draft. Today, that list has been expanded/updated featuring my top 200 NFL draft prospects. This newest list brings an additional 100 names with it, but also some shuffling at the top. After Aidan Hutchinson’s historic game against Ohio State this week, he has surged up the big board. Following his three sacks in that game against the Buckeyes, he now has 13 on the season. That is now a school record for the Wolverines. This new list also brings everyone’s favorite draft prospects into the fold: punters. Read on to see where the punt god himself, Matt Araiza, falls on this latest 2022 NFL Draft big board.

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