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Don't look now, but the 2021 college football season is nearly over, and with it comes the close of the first chapter of the annual NFL draft cycle, where film resumes are finalized and prospects must then make individual decisions on whether or not to leave eligibility on the table and make the leap to the pros. A large portion of the volume of work we must parse through as scouts is about to be completed, meaning the skeleton of draft expectations for many players will be established. For us at TDN, the opportunity to evaluate over more film has allowed us to come to appreciate a number of prospects in a new light in 2021. For others, the lingering questions and uncertainties are enough to keep us skeptical. The past month of games offered us a fresh chance to poll our scouts and gather the consensus rankings of the best of the best. That means an updated set of TDN100 rankings is upon us. We'll have one more update in 2021, but this edition of the rankings offers even more fresh faces and some persistent storylines as we try to find our convictions on the prospects eligible for the 2022 draft.
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