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The calendar is set to flip to January of a new year, which means we're seeing yet another football season come to a close. As such, it's time for transition. NFL teams will be in transition, as will the established players in the league. But there's another subsection of football primed for a transition: another crop of draft-eligible prospects will be making their way to the pros this spring. And, as such, we've made efforts over the past few months to begin the deep dive process of studying the film and learning about players in order to prepare for such a major change. The end result? An updated set of TDN100 rankings is upon us. For the final time in 2021, we are updating our prospect rankings to bring about a new look at the best players eligible for the 2022 draft. And boy, does this version look different than what we've seen before. Thanks to players being ready to seize the moment, the entire TDN100 has taken on a facelift.
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