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● By Kyle Crabbs
This year marks my eighth season in the NFL draft space and the class of 2022 brings a fair share of unique challenges that are dissimilar to many others I've experienced during my career of scouting NFL draft prospects. The book on the class is not written just yet—at least not for me. My total number of crosschecked players is over 200, but there are still some that I have yet to finalize a grade on. But what you'll get below is a current snapshot of my top 150 overall prospects eligible for the 2022 NFL Draft—all with final grades. Had I felt any non-finalized grades were needing to find a spot, I'd have certainly projected them into the list. But instead, this top 150 includes all final grades for players; which always creates a fun experience each year when you hit 'sort' and see what your finished product starts to look like. This year is no different. I trust you'll enjoy and find some surprises for yourself.

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