Rise N Draft

● By Luca Sartirana
The 2022 College Football season is here and this means that the summer scouting process is now officially over. During this process I’ve been able to study more than 100 prospects of the 2023 Draft class: here’s my preseason top-75 big board. The 2023 Draft class as a whole is very promising, loaded with top-tier talent at the top. During the summer scouting process, my main goal is to analyze the level of the prospects as if the draft would be today, as I’ll then be able to give a full picture after their final season in college. Before getting right into the list, here’s my grading scale, which is necessary to give you a better idea of the grades you’ll read next to every prospect.

Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 75 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but do not show up on this big board.