The Finalized
2019 Mock Draft
Accuracy Scores
Are Here.

I bet you're wondering how I analyzed these mocks and come up with the list? Well, let me explain...

For each pick in the draft... Guess the correct team? Get 10 points (ie 1. Bengals: QB Joe Burrow). Guess the correct position? Get 10 points (ie 1. Rams: QB Justin Herbert). Guess the correct player? Get 10 points (ie 1. Bears: QB Joe Burrow). Guess the correct combination? Get 100 bonus points! (ie 1. Bengals: QB Joe Burrow) I also added some micro flavor in the scoring to make things interesting, but the bulk of the scoring has been outlined here. Enjoy!

Final scores (out of 100%) are displayed under each writer's rank.


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