Sidelion Report

● By Brenden Armour

Accuracy: 15.38%161st Place
The NFL draft is now less than 12 hours away! Soon, college kids will figure out which teams will be fulfilling their dream of being drafted and fans will get to see who the next great player of their team will be. There are sure to be many draft day trades and surprises, both of the good and bad variety. We will all know soon enough! This year, the Arizona Cardinals will have the honor of selecting first overall, and many expect them to take Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray. Will that be the case here? There are a few trades in this mock draft, and I used the Jimmy Johnson trade value chart to make the trades as even as possible. I only made trades in the first round here, because of how hard they are to predict. As it is nearly impossible to predict trades in any round, the later the draft goes on the harder it gets. So for the purposes of this mock, only first round trades were completed.

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