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2021 NFL Mock Draft: First-round picks as chosen by fans in PFF's Mock Draft Simulator | NFL News, Rankings and Statistics | PFF : Using PFF's Mock Draft Simulator, we look at how a fan-led 2021 NFL Draft would play out.

What would the 2021 NFL Draft look like if it were up to the fans rather than the teams? To answer that question, I analyzed PFF’s Mock Draft Simulator data by both player and team to create a 2021 NFL mock draft. PFF’s Mock Draft Simulator has collected data from well over one million fan mock drafts throughout this offseason. It offers incredible insight into team needs by revealing the top players that fans are drafting in each round. Additionally, it includes detailed draft profiles and player evaluations for the top 300 prospects.

By Jarad Evans


Final Accuracy Score:930 (196th Place)


Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 32 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but do not show up in this mock.