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Prior to this week, we had Washington taking Ole Miss quarterback Matt Corral in five straight mock drafts -- all outside the top five -- mostly because while we like Corral and the progress he's made from the 2020 season, but he's not a top five talent. That's no slight against Corral; he has run Lane Kiffin's offense flawlessly, and the improvements from a year ago are hard to miss. But if Corral were in the 2021 draft class, he'd be QB6. The good news is proclaiming him 'QB6' doesn't mean much because it's so incredibly difficult to project how passers will fare in the NFL. As we see here, just past the halfway point of the NFL season, Mac Jones (15th overall to the Pats) is QB1 while Zach Wilson (2nd overall to the Jets) has looked like a fourth-round pick (though, we'd imagine, this has as much to do with playing on a struggling Jets team as it does with Wilson not yet flashing that first-round potential).

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