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We've been saying it every week and we'll continue to repeat it, even as we get to the point in the proceedings where it's clear a team (or, more likely, teams) will overdraft a quarterback because, well, that's what happens every single draft. As we sit here, Matt Corral and Carson Strong are legit first-round talents though with the former, there are questions about his size and his college offense. As for the latter, it's all about the health of his knee. That said, we have three quarterbacks going in this week's mock draft, all off the board by the 13th pick. The Texans pull the trigger at No. 2, followed by the Falcons at No. 12, and then the Saints. As we go through this process, and approach late April, it will be interesting to see what sort of pre-draft maneuvering we could see from QB-needy teams. Of course, any such maneuvering will be contingent on free agency, and where the Aaron Rodgers, Russell Wilsons and Deshaun Watsons of the NFL world end up. For now, keep reading to see how the entire first round unfolds (this is our 13th mock draft of the fall, if you're keeping score).

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