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● By Jake Oliver

Accuracy: 17.55%69th Place
This mock will NOT include trades. I'll be focusing on the needs of each team and what I think that team does. This year's NFL draft is quite different than years past. Instead of it being a QB-heavy draft, I wouldn't have a single QB in the top-15 or so players if this was just about talent. Rather, this draft is beyond loaded at the EDGE, OL, CB, and WR positions. I would be shocked if at least 5 OL and 5 EDGE players weren't taken in the first round alone. If your team needs help in the trenches, this is the year to go get that help. After all, trenches are what decide NFL games more often than not. Just ask Burrow if his offensive linemen could've blocked Aaron Donald for more than 2 seconds how the Super Bowl would've ended. I'm a huge believer that if you want to truly win the Super Bowl, or be a great team, you need a good offensive and defensive line. Of course, a lot can change on player values and team needs following the NFL combine and NFL free agency. It's hard sorting through the smoke, fire, and embers. This isn't what I would take if I were the GMs, but what I think happens.

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