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● By Zach Brunner

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The 2022 NFL Draft kicks off tonight, and it’s like Christmas for those of us who nerd out about football, scouting and team-building. This draft in particular seems unique. Not only is the narrative that this is a weak quarterback class, but many of the early-round teams don’t have a pressing need for a passer either. That is why everyone is having so much fun creating their own 2022 NFL Mock Draft. Truly, anything could happen tonight. There have been smokescreens put out by teams, hiding who they really like. While the draft isn’t top-heavy, it’s deep. Writing this off as a talentless draft class is lazy and wrong, but it does seem true that there are fewer top-10 grades this time around. To add to the reality television drama that is the 2022 NFL Draft, we have a few veterans that are seemingly on the trade block. Will we see a blockbuster trade? Could there be another “accumulation of information” from the bozos at ESPN? Anything is possible.

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