Grueling Truth

● By Daniel Kornhauser

Accuracy: 14.90%153rd Place
This has been said often, and I mentioned it in my last mock, but this draft is going to be crazy. There is no consensus top quarterback. No consensus top wide receiver or offensive tackle. No Myles Garrett or Nick Bosa level defensive prospects. Add on the fact that there is no obvious favorite to be taken with the first overall pick. This is widely considered to be a weak draft at the top, with better depth in the middle rounds. This is a “no trades” mock draft, so you might see certain prospects lower (or higher) than where they are ranked, or where they might actually get drafted. This isn’t what I would do if I were the GM for these teams, but more what these teams might actually do. So without further ado, I present to you, my FINAL 2022 NFL Mock Draft!

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