● By Jeff Risdon

Accuracy: 11.78%313th Place
It’s time for the final set of projections for the 2022 NFL draft. After months of prospect evaluation, interviews and workouts, the whole process culminates in Las Vegas for what figures to be one of the most epic and unpredictable NFL drafts ever. Of course, this mock draft attempts to project each and every one of the 262 picks in the draft. Unpredictability is an unfortunate occupational hazard, one that makes this draft fascinating. I’m writing the bulk of this on Tuesday, April 23rd, two days before the draft. The odds on who will go No. 1 overall have changed favorites twice in the last week. I cover the team picking No. 2 and I don’t have certainty with their pick, either. As longtime readers know, I am more concerned with player/slot than I am with team/player matches, especially after the first round. I don’t project trades in the final mock, though they are certain to happen. In fact, one happened on Monday between the Texans and Patriots late in Day 3. Expect a lot of that this year.

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