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With the wild-card round of the 2022 NFL playoffs just about done, six more teams will be left forgetting about the Super Bowl and turning their focus to getting better early in the 2022 draft. The changes in this latest edition ahead of the divisional round are tied to shuffling the order from Nos. 19 through No. 24, after the 18 locked-in non-playoff teams from Week 18. There are some notable changes in the projected picks for the Steelers and Cowboys, who join the Eagles, Patriots and Raiders as marquee teams being eliminated. Knowing which teams are still in the playoffs, the shakeup is felt through the end of the first round. With the College Football season finished and Georgia crowned as the champion, that means the Senior Bowl and other key all-star events will soon be here to kick off the draft scouting before the Combine. Based on the current stocks of the top prospects, here's how SN sees the draft playing out through No. 32:

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