The Huddle Report

● By Jeremy Bissett

Accuracy: 16.35%126th Place
After breaking down the offseason outlooks for each team it is apparent that this year’s draft will be a great one to watch unfold. With a much weaker Quarterback class than last year’s crop of signal callers we will see a major shift in players selected at that position in this year’s draft. The Offensive Lineman, Defensive Lineman, and Wide Receivers dominated the on the field workouts at the combine. The talent pool at those positions are filled with quality depth and will have value falling into the second and mid level rounds throughout the draft. Considering the amount of teams that have multiple selections in the first round of this year’s draft there will be trades made that may shake up the whole draft board. Both New York teams hold two top ten picks each; Detroit has picks that nearly bookend the first round; and in between we have the Texans, Philadelphia Eagles, New Orleans Saints, Green Bay Packers and the Kansas City Chiefs all with two picks each in the first round. Most of the QB needy teams handled their situations last year through the draft, leaving only a couple of teams really in need of a Rookie Quarterback to build around. Several teams are more suitable to bring in an available veteran Quarterback via possible trade. Making it very reasonable to say the Quarterback picks will be held to less than a handful of selections in this year’s draft.

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