Underdog Fantasy

● By Josh Norris

Accuracy: 15.14%146th Place
At 11:30 Wednesday morning I had a very different Top 10. 1. Walker 2. Hutch 3. Stingley 4. Ickey 5. Neal 6. Cross 7. Sauce 8. London 9. Thibodeaux and 10. Jermaine Johnson. That was it, and one that you will commonly see in final mock drafts. Give or take a pick. Then the epiphany hit. We, the football bubble, were in too tight of an agreement. And this draft lines up for total unpredictability. Last year we produced the GREATEST MOCK DRAFT IN HISTORY. 16 of 32 correct selections. This year we aim for 17, and that cannot be achieved by producing a similar product as peers and friends. Hayden and I will be dissecting our final mock drafts at 11:00 am on Thursday morning. This does not factor in trades, although many options are mentioned.

Top Players Not Included

These players appear in the top 32 of our

Consensus Big Board

, but do not show up in this mock.