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The 2022 NFL season is set for a triumph return on September 8. A few of the NFL teams are already looking forward to the process of the 2023 NFL Draft as these they will not be highly competitive this year. While teams like the Los Angeles Rams and the Buffalo Bills contend for Super Bowl LVII, the Houston Texans, the Seattle Seahawks and the Atlanta Falcons are among some of the teams that will be likely near the bottom of the NFL barrel and contend for the first overall pick in 2023 NFL Draft. This 2023 Draft is set to be much more quarterback favorite draft with Ohio State's C.J Stroud and Alabama's Heisman Trophy winner in Bryce Young. There are also potentially three more quarterbacks that could be selected in the first round. This 2023 Draft quarterback class is a big improvement from last year's quarterback class, which only included Pittsburgh's Kenny Pickett selected in the first round. The 2023 NFL draft is also set to feature some of the most dynamic defensive players in a long time including Alabama outside linebacker Will Anderson Jr. and Georgia Devin Jalen Carter. Alabama, Ohio State and Clemson have several athletes that should easily be selected in the first round.

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