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● By Hunter Haas

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The NFL season is getting closer and closer by the day, which means the NFL Draft coverage will be ramping back up here at NFL Mocks. Before we get into assessing and evaluating the players too much, we are due for another 2023 NFL Draft mock. As is obvious, it is nearly impossible to predict what teams will do 10 months from now. But let’s give it a try anyway. The next crop of talent looks to be stronger than what we saw in the 2023 NFL Draft, and another season of stellar play should help solidify that claim. A handful of quarterbacks have started to hear their names in first-round rumors. The wide receiver group may not be quite up to snuff relative to previous years, but the top-end talent is still prevalent. Offensive line lacks a top-five talent, but a number of guys should expect to come off the board on the opening day nonetheless.

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