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● By Kyle Crabbs

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Is it really that time of year? The 2022 football season has arrived. We’re welcoming college football back later this month and NFL franchises across the country are strapping on their pads for the first time this week. We celebrate here at The Draft Network the only way we know how, with an NFL mock draft! Being charged with running through an iteration of an NFL mock draft this early in the year is about two things: giving all of you some insight into how we perceive the prospects and how we perceive the current rosters available across the league. I couldn’t possibly tell you all the things we’re going to see happen over the next seven months of football—many of which will completely change what we think we know. But I can tell you that the last three months for us at TDN have been committed to a deep dive inspection of both fronts. And I’ve used that information to try to piece both realms of football together in this mock.

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