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● By Kyle Crabbs

Accuracy: 1.20%1488th Place
Is it really that time again? It feels like just yesterday that I sat down to pen my first NFL mock draft of the 2023 NFL Draft cycle when in reality it was six weeks ago—long enough to give everyone else on the TDN Scouting staff a spin, but short enough for me to find myself writing my second edition as we are still looking to wrap up Week 1 of the college football season. Despite the smallest of sample sizes (0-2 games played, depending on the prospect), the early returns from this college season do bear fruit in some of the decisions that are made throughout this NFL mock draft. It was fun, but challenging, to sit down and write a second mock so tightly to the front of the college season, where narratives are born and players are allowed to declare themselves. But I enjoyed the challenge and I sincerely hope you enjoy the result.

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