The Landry Hat

● By Brandon Martinez

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We are about ready to enter Week 10 action, however, with the Dallas Cowboys getting ready to travel to Lambeau Field, let’s take our minds off the game for a little bit and look to the near future. The 2023 NFL Draft will be here before you know it, so how about a midseason mock draft? The Cowboys have a very rich history of building their roster through the draft rather than making trades for players or making splash free-agency signings. We can expect about the same in future years, so it is important to begin getting familiar with the prospects the front office will have its eyes on. I will be doing a full league-wide first-round mock draft, including the Cowboys’ pick late in the first round. Each pick will be briefly explained. There will be no trades as that would be hysterical doing such a thing this early on in the process. Let’s do it!

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