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● By Doug Farrar

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It’s Thanksgiving, so it’s time to get all the last-minute things at the store you forgot (no fun at all), loosen the belt, and be ready for food, family, and football (generally, a lot of fun). If you’re in personnel for an NFL team, it’s also time to get serious about the 2023 NFL draft. Whether you’re a Super Bowl contender or playing out the string in a hopeless season, area scouts are reporting to head scouts and directors of player personnel, and general managers and coaching staffs are getting their voices in, as well. So, with this mock draft, and given the holiday theme, it’s time to round out the NFL’s better teams, and to give hope to the hopeless. Note: The Miami Dolphins, who would have picked 29th were the 2023 draft to start today, forfeited their first-round pick as punishment for tampering.

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