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● By Kevin Fielder
For what seems like the first time, there’s clarity involving the NFL Draft. Not only is the NFL Scouting Combine over, but free agency has brought further understanding about the direction of some teams. The Chicago Bears and Carolina Panthers also helped answer some questions at the top when the two swapped draft picks in the first round. Still, mock drafts are an imperfect science. Without access to each team’s war rooms, it’s difficult to predict what each team will do during the draft. That doesn’t mean mock drafts don’t have value, though. Mock drafts are the perfect way to discuss prospects as they relate to the team fit and help predict potential moves around the board. As a friendly reminder, my mock drafts are not based on what I would do. Instead, they’re based on what I think NFL teams will do and how they may operate in the draft. Don’t treat these mock drafts like gospel. Instead, use them as thought experiments as we head into April.

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