● By Ryan Wilson
It's never too early to put out a mock draft, right? (The other side of that argument, of course, is that it's always too early because, invariably, they're wrong -- but that's not the point. Giving you a reason to waste time at work is the point. So you're welcome in advance.) Maybe a better way to look at this is not as a mock draft -- 'Here's who your team will take 51 weeks from now having no idea how the current roster and subsequent season unfolds' -- but as a guide to the college players you should keep an eye on during the 2023 season and for the 2024 NFL Draft. And while the '23 class of QBs was an improvement over the '22 version, Caleb Williams and Drake Maye could ramp up the expectations for fans of teams who'll be in the franchise QB market next January. Again, to reiterate: This is less 'mock draft' than 'handy list of names to look out for in the fall.' That said, we have to mention this: The current draft order is using SportsLine's Super Bowl odds but in reverse order. We know folks are going to be very angry about why we have their team picking so high, but it's not our fault! These are your team's odds of winning a Lombardi Trophy, as determined by the robots in our analytics department.

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