Blitz Weekly

● By Zach Walker
The sky is falling! Or the pieces available in NFL Free Agency have been falling into the grasp of eager teams to add to their club to chase down the Eagles this season. As of now, the Dallas Cowboys have signed a few role players, traded for a fullback that they had once upon a time, and grabbed Allen Hurns, a pretty solid complementary receiver. These are roster rounding moves that help prevent desperate selections on draft weekend. The big tickets aren’t coming around right now, which might have fans thinking “WHAT the HELL is going ON!?” Well, seeing as the last big ticket item the Cowboys grabbed was Brandon Carr, a half decade ago, what makes anyone think the Cowboys are trying to get a gun for hire to help out in anyways? Do I like a player who is available, sure. Do I like the idea of a farm-to-field, home-grown prospect filled, culture-first team, which is apparently the way they are doing things? Yes. That is the way to do things. I don’t know how the Cowboys reached this cap hell, because as I mentioned, the last grab was five years ago, but the Cowboys are thinking fourth dimensionally, years down the line, and I’m relieved.
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