KC Kingdom

● By Leigh Oleszczak
For our fourth mock draft leading up to the 2019 NFL Draft, the Kansas City Chiefs knew they had to attack the secondary. That’s why their first two picks went toward addressing the biggest weakness from a season ago. As always, I used Fanspeak’s mock draft simulator, which is a cool tool for any NFL draft nerds out there. You can pick which team you want to draft for, how many rounds, and even select which big board you want to use for your mock. For this particular mock draft, I used Brad from Fanspeak’s big board and it’s definitely worth noting that the big board makes all of the difference with these mocks. Some people have a player as a third round pick while others could see him as a seventh rounder. That’s the biggest downside to Fanspeak’s simulator is that it might be seen as “unrealistic” at times.
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