KC Kingdom

● By Leigh Oleszczak
Well, draft day is almost here and that means Kansas City Chiefs fans can anxiously await to see whether the team stays put or trades out of their pick, whether it be up or down. With the draft taking place next week, here is KC Kingdom’s final mock draft of 2019. Because it’s the final mock of the year, the theme I went with was simply that it’s the last mock draft I’ll publish in 2019. That being said, it turned out decently and for the most part, the Chiefs did a nice job filling holes in this mock draft. As usual, I used Fanspeak’s On the Clock NFL Mock Draft Simulator, and as fun of a tool as this is, it has its flaws for sure. It really just depends on which big board is used, as some people have certain prospects higher or lower than others.
With The First Pick
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