Field Gulls

A Seahawks 7-Round Mock Draft : Big boards are starting to smooth out and there are lots of areas of strength in this draft. The trades today should be a little bit more realistic. Scouting reports are still limited and dated and...

These are not intended as a prediction of what will happen, they are merely a vehicle to look at different players that the front office may be looking at. With that, I will probably change who I draft just about every time, just to take a little bit closer look at more players at different levels of the draft at different positions. I will also trade out of the 1st every time I publish one of these. There are plenty of other places where you can learn about the first round and even the top of the second, here we want to look at all the other guys. In the end, we may find some draft “crushes” and know more names throughout the draft.

By Michael Edwards