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● By Dalton Miller
The San Francisco 49ers are such a fascinating piece of this 2021 NFL Draft class. Since Kyle Shanahan’s arrival, the team has won 6, 4, 13, and 6 games. Yet with minimal tangible success, the view of Shanahan suggests he’s an elite coach. From a schematic standpoint, that is tough to debate. His run scheme, along with the likes of Sean McVay, has revolutionized the run game and embarrassed NFL defenses in the past few seasons. With this 2021 7-Round 49ers Mock Draft, it’s important to get the right quarterback and hopefully find a starting cornerback. After that, it’s all about finding diamonds in the rough. And I’d be remiss not to mention that, in 2017, starting quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo started in just six games (5-0 in those starts). In 2018, he only played in three games due to injury. Then, in 2020, he only played in six once again. So don’t worry, San Francisco, you do actually have a good head coach. It isn’t easy to win games with… whatever that backup quarterback situation has been over the years.
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