2021 NFL Draft: Cincinnati Bengals 7-round mock : The Bengals need to find some help for Joe Burrow in the 2021 NFL Draft. Look for Cincinnati to use their first round pick to protect their franchise QB.

Joe Burrow showed more than enough in his rookie season to be considered the future of the Bengals franchise. Now it’s imperative for Cincinnati’s front office to give their young quarterback that kind of supporting talent he needs to thrive. Given the franchise’s general aversion to spending big in free agency, it’s safe to assume that most of the roster construction will happen during the draft. That’s not a bad plan for a team that’s starting to assemble an intriguing young corps. It’s unlikely that the Bengals can jump all the way into the playoffs next season, but continuing to head in that direction is a reasonable expectation for Zac Taylor and his coaching staff.

By Rucker Haringey


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