Predominately Orange

● By Chandler Hyler
Mock drafts are fun, and they are actually a useful tool used by many in efforts to foresee what is the best possible outcome for a team’s upcoming draft class. Front office executives use them, fans and media create them, and all football fans enjoy them. For myself, I have created several to see what route I think would help this Denver Broncos roster be the best it could possibly be, and ultimately, this was created in an attempt to dethrone the Kansas City Chiefs. As the Denver Broncos sit at pick number nine, they come to the conclusion that this team needs defensive depth across the board. While the majority of the starting unit is intact, there are a few possible upgrades to still be had. This draft class will be deployed to not only upgrade the 2021 Denver Broncos, but this team for the next few years as they grab exceptional talent, youth, and depth on the defensive side of the ball, revamping Vic Fangio’s defense.
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