With The First Pick

● By Garrett Ballard
The Jacksonville Jaguars have been the talk of the draft world, all because of one reason; they hold the number one overall pick. Now, the pick might not be much of a surprise, but when a quarterback is involved, there will be endless conversations about the pick. With 10 picks in the 2021 NFL Draft and four picks within the top-50, The Jacksonville Jaguars have a fantastic chance to revamp their roster and get on the road to football recovery. The Jaguars have plenty of cap space but did not make a very big splash in free agency. The biggest moves that were made by the team were signing cornerback Shaquille Griffin away from the Seahawks and signing wide receiver Marvin Jones Jr., away from the Lions. Typically, when teams have as much cap space as the Jaguars, they try to go spend a big portion of it in free agency, but the Jags seem to be focused on the draft to rebuild their team.
Grueling Truth
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