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NY Jets replace Sam Darnold in 7-Round 2021 NFL Mock Draft : The NY Jets will have a total of 10 picks to make in next year's 2021 NFL Draft. We put together a complete 2021 NFL Mock Draft for Gang Green. - Page 2

It’s the very beginning of October and we’re already talking about the 2021 NFL Draft. Such is the life of a NY Jets fan in 2020. It’s been a difficult season for Gang Green and it doesn’t appear to be getting easier any time soon. An incompetent coaching staff is leading the way for an abysmal roster and the results haven’t been pretty. The Jets currently sit at 0-4 through four weeks with a very real chance of finishing the season winless. It’s typically unreasonable to predict that an NFL team finishes 0-16 — but this Jets team is just that bad.

By Justin Fried


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