Acme Packing Company

● By Peter Bukowski
Preston Smith and Aaron Jones are staying. Raven Greene is going and the the Green Bay Packers don’t seem particularly concerned if Chandon Sullivan goes with him. And though Robert Tonyan is now Big Bob Tendered, he may not have a long-term future with the team. So now what? Mock drafts before free agency are the ultimate in cart/horse mismanagement, but they’re also fun and you love them even if it’s to hate them. In this mock, using The Draft Network’s patented mock draft machine, we focused on team need as well as guys who fit the Packers type. It just happened to work out four of the five guys in this mock have already met with Green Bay brass, which may mean nothing, but it’s also better than just blindly throwing darts (when it comes to the draft, only marginally so).
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