Bear Goggles On

● By Ryan Heckman
As all eyes are on the 2022 NFL Draft Combine this week, Chicago Bears fans can’t help but wonder which players this team is going to end up with come draft weekend. This year certainly feels different than past years. With general manager Ryan Poles in place, we have gotten the vibe that he is going to be extremely careful and cautious with his draft capital — which is a breath of fresh air. Sure, the opportunity to trade will be there. However, the likelihood of Poles trading up is probably slim to none, as he’s established the fact that he’s always looking to gather more capital. The Bears have holes all over the place, right now, and free agency will definitely be the first step in filling them. But, the draft is going to present Poles with countless opportunities to add talent, and he’ll be able to add a whole lot if he’s smart.
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