Chiefs Wire

● By Charles Goldman
There are less than 30 days to go until the first round of the 2022 NFL draft. The Kansas City Chiefs have loaded up on draft picks due to the Tyreek Hill trade, but they’ve also created an even greater need at the wide receiver position. This mock draft looks quite a bit different from our 1.0, not just because of the new draft picks, but also given our recent look at the 90-man offseason roster. There are plenty of needs to consider, both for the upcoming season, but also for the future in Kansas City. In order to gauge player availability for the mock draft, I ran multiple simulations using the various mock draft machines to create a composite. If players weren’t available with regularity, they were eliminated from contention at a specific pick. Typically, I’d have 8-10 players on my big board to choose from at a given pick, though in Round 7 the pool is significantly larger. Without further delay, here’s a look at our mock draft version 2.0:
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