The Landry Hat

● By Jarrett Prendergast
The 2022 NFL Draft is next week and the Dallas Cowboys will be in the market for offensive line and wide receiver help. But, the problem is, there are plenty of other teams looking for players from those same positions. Another issue is the Cowboys only have one first-round pick and it’s not until 24th overall. Because of this, the team may want to consider some trades upward. It is not common for the Cowboys to move up in the first round. The last time they did was in 2012 when they moved up to select Morris Claiborne, which sadly ended up being a disaster. While that Claiborne trade didn’t turn out well, that should not deter the Cowboys from moving up again in this draft. If Dallas wants they want to get one of the draft’s top wide receivers, trading may be the way to do it. Jerry Jones even said this about moving up in the draft:
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