Draft Countdown

● By Brian Bosarge
The Jacksonville Jaguars tried to make the splash hire last year at head coach with Urban Meyer. Predictably, it blew up in their face. Now, after a disappointing season with #1 overall pick Trevor Lawrence, the Jags are trying to bring order back to the circus. The 3-14 season has resulted in once again having the first overall selection and the hiring of former Super Bowl winning head coach, Doug Pederson. The Jacksonville Jaguars are currently slated to make twelve picks in the 2022 NFL Draft. With holes up and down the roster, all 12 have a realistic shot to make the team. Using the Mock Draft simulator at from NFL Mock Draft Database, I went the through the entire draft and selected the players that I believe can help the Jags get back on track. For this simulation, I used the consensus big board accumulated by NFL MDD, with the realistic draft mode setting.
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