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● By Nick O'Malley
Bill Belichick is up to his old ways again. After going all-out in free agency and drafting a quarterback in 2021, Belichick looks like he’s back to his familiar conservative GM strategies in 2022. So far, that’s meant sitting back in free agency and not going after any high-priced free agents. It’s the sort of approach that drives fans nuts in the offseason. But here’s the thing: It might not stop in free agency. The 2022 NFL Draft might just be the perfect time for Belichick to bust out his signature draft-day move: trading out of the first round and grabbing extra Day 2 picks. The way this year’s class is shaping up, there’s a solid consensus of players who fit into the top 15-20. But after that, it’s chaos. There are a lot of players who could go anywhere from No. 25 to No. 55 -- or even lower.
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