NFL Spin Zone

● By Lucas Schuh
Heading into this season, the Las Vegas Raiders had seemingly a solid enough roster. Derek Carr is a solid QB, they had a few weapons on the offensive side, and brought in some extra defensive pieces through the draft and free agency. But when the season started, that all quickly collapsed. For starters, there was the whole Jon Gruden debacle. If you somehow didn’t hear what happened, Gruden had a number of leaked emails with many of them being very problematic, and at the end of it all, he resigned. Regardless of what you think of in terms of Gruden as a coach, losing your coach in the middle of the season when you weren’t expecting it is not easy for any team to handle. While losing your head coach is bad enough, that was just the tip of the iceberg for Vegas. On November 2, 2021, former Raiders’` first-round draft pick Henry Ruggs was charged with four felonies in a deadly car accident.
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