12th Man Rising

● By Jake Luppino
Things have drastically changed for the Seattle Seahawks ever since my Mock Draft 2.0 about a month ago. The outlook of this franchise has dawned on a brand new horizon after trading Russell Wilson and releasing Bobby Wagner. Something that I quite frankly never saw coming. The good news for the Seahawks is they were able to get a top 10 pick along with a 2nd and 5th rounder in the upcoming draft while also obtaining a 1st and 2nd in next year’s draft with three other players: QB Drew Lock, TE Noah Fant, DL Shelby Harris. The bad news is they now have a major void at the most important position in the sport entering a draft with a weak quarterback class. Even after the trade when evaluating the roster, the personnel problems are relatively the same. Seattle still needs to improve both the offensive and defensive lines as well as the back end of the secondary. Certainly, they were able to clear up more cap space and can address some of those needs through free agency. But nothing is better than bringing in a rookie who can make an impact on day 1 at a cheap cost for a couple of years.
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