Behind The Steel Curtain

● By Dave Schofield
On Tuesday night’s BTSC podcast of The Scho Bro Show, we held a mock draft simulation where those in attendance as part of our live chat on YouTube or Facebook got to chime in to help make the Steelers picks. The simulation was done through and used their predictive rankings to select the other 31 NFL franchise’s picks while we chose those of the Steelers. Before getting into the selections, we realize the chances of getting any, let alone all, of the selections correct is a very long shot. In last year‘s exercise where the Steelers made eight selections, we correctly chose Najee Harris in the first round, but that was it. The draft plays out in strange ways, and a player we selected in the fourth round was taken ten spots before the Steelers selected Pat Freiermuth in Round 2. This is what makes watching the draft so exciting and entertaining as you never know what is going to happen. Additionally, remember that this was a simulation and that our options were based off of players who could have already been selected by other teams. Last season, one person was quick to comment on the podcast listing out all the players we should have taken in the simulation. To nobody’s surprise, the first five players they listed had already been drafted before the Steelers had the opportunity to take that player where they suggested.
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