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● By Jacob Schyvinck
It’s going to be an offseason of much intrigue for the Pittsburgh Steelers, who have a dilemma at the most important position. With Ben Roethlisberger retiring from the league, it puts the Steelers in unfamiliar territory. Yes, there are in-house options. Mason Rudolph has been waiting for this opportunity to prove he’s a franchise quarterback, and Dwayne Haskins is looking for a second shot after a rough stint in Washington. The problem is that many analysts feel like they’ve got a grasp on who those two are as players. They both need to be signal-callers who operate with a high level of processing skills. Their clock has to be quick and they need to be in rhythm post-snap. When pressure comes their way, they both seem to melt. Obviously, there could be outside options. The 49ers will likely move on from Jimmy Garoppolo to usher in the Trey Lance era, and there’s a small chance that David Carr is available. The home run options, Aaron Rodgers and Russell Wilson, feel improbable because of draft capital that is required to make the improbably reality.
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NFL Mocks