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● By Andrew Shaver
Let’s address the bigger topic first – why no QB? Suspicions are the top QB target(s) Colbert & Co. have on their board will be gone and the price it will cost to move up is too rich. When thinking of the reality of finding a trading partner within the top 19 picks, who is truly willing to make a deal with a franchise like Pittsburgh, who has been both stable and good for so long not only by record but at the QB position as well, compared to many of the teams ahead of them in this draft. Coach Cowher once said it best – misery loves company and think for a moment how many QB’s each franchise selecting ahead of the Steelers in first round have drafted a QB high since Roethlisberger was picked and how many who are also searching for answers at the position still in recent years. The price determination in my estimation for the Steelers is a costly one right now regardless of how you view supply & demand as it applies to potential first round talents within the QB market. Also, with this being Colbert’s last draft at the controls, it leaves me thinking he won’t mortgage the franchise’s draft capital of the near future to make a move and will look to possibly find a good bargain to fit the Steelers needs.
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