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● By Kenneth Levy
The Houston Texans enter the 2022 NFL Draft with four picks in the first 80 selections and eight picks overall. Houston isn’t expected to pick up any compensatory picks due to their current list of unrestricted free agents, and we can’t assume what they will or won’t receive from trading Deshaun Watson or Laremy Tunsil. For this mock draft, the general strategy was to fill in positions of need throughout the draft. Personally, I am a fan of double-dipping at positions of value (linebacker, safety, and offensive lineman) while using top picks for game-changers (quarterback, pass rusher, wide receiver, and cornerback). However, the Texans’ needs are everywhere, so focusing on one position group will leave another with a dearth of talent. Throughout the exercise, I focus on quality, veteran talent at positions of need. Many of these players, except the first pick, are more plug-and-play guys whose raw athleticism and potential is secondary to their experience and current talent. This isn't a draft to roll the dice; rather, the Texans should focus on laying a foundation for future seasons. Call this conservative, but a draft haul of these eight players would be a fantastic result.
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